Making Transition a Friend not a Foe

Become an Agent for Social Change

Here at Hamkari Solutions, we believe that everyone has the potential within them to be of service to the people and communities where they live and further afield. Embark on a journey by yourself, or with like-minded associates to become an agent for social change. Partner with us to discover a place of greater personal significance as you serve others.

Our Commitment

As an integral strand of our commitment to social responsibility, we offer our services to charitable organisations at reduced rates. Please get in touch to discuss your needs further.

Working on Yourself

Increasing your potential covers a variety of areas, including your personal development. Take a look at how we work with you to develop your self-improvement.


Light in a dark place!

Joanne was able to guide me to see a new future when I was in a very dark place. She is patient, compassionate, reliable & highly gifted in this area of work. It gives me great pleasure in unreservedly recommending her services!

Mrs. Martin - 01/01/2018

Sharpen your Tools!

Whatever your profession, working cross-culturally in hard places requires resilience. The 'Developing Resilience' workshop taught me that you can LEARN resiliance. Start the New Year sharpening the tools you need to be more effective and enduring.

Course Participant - 11/01/2018

Get in touch to find your unique place of personal significance!