Making Transition a Friend not a Foe

About Our Director

Joanne has worked both nationally and internationally for more than 25 years in the human development sector with a diverse group of individuals and organisations. She has a proven track record of facilitating high levels of achievement through mentoring, coaching, and training.

Key Strengths

Joanne excels in a number of areas. She has the ability to:

  • Connect deeply with people from a range of cultural backgrounds
  • Operate from a deep sense of personal Intuition, built on a breadth of expertise and experience
  • Communicate with sincerity and openness and practice authenticity
  • Enable others to develop a sense of self-belief and confidence in Order to empower them to get where they want to go
  • Facilitate the development of creative and strategic thinking in order to ensure better planning, implementation, and problem solving
  • Communicate fluently in Farsi, Including in dialects spoken in both Iran and Afghanistan
  • Speak and understand simple Pashto


Joanne’s areas of expertise include: 

  • Leadership development, especially cross-cultural leadership
  • Staff training and development, including performance management
  • Community mobilisation, from grass roots to community leadership
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Team building, especially with cross-cultural teams
  • Building resilient lifestyle practices for staff on hardship postings

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Joanne has experience and success in the following sectors: 

  • Educational Sector, incorporating management and leadership.
  • Non-Profit Sector, including project design and management, cross-cultural leadership and staff development.
  • Community Development, including developing community leadership and facilitating grass-roots mobilisation.
  • Coaching and mentoring expatriate employees, especially those in hardship-postings.
  • Walking through many personal life-transitions and coaching others as they face significant transition points in their lives.

Key Educational and Professional Qualifications

During her career, Joanne has picked up the following certifications and qualifications: 

  • Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (Distinction)
  • CELTA (Distinction)
  • Certificate in Community Development TOT
  • Certificate in BLISS TOT (Maternal and Child Health Programme)
  • MA Peace and Reconciliation (Distinction)
  • Graduate from ICF-Approved Coach Training Programme 
  • Certificate in Personal Resilience Coaching
  • Coaching the Global Village (Approved Trainer)
  • Certified Stressed to Best™ Coach